About ‘the’ Many+Festo

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Many+Festo is part of Chapter’s Art Car Bootique event on Sunday 28th May.  A temporary Speakers Corner we invite you to submit your personal ‘many+festo’ a list of things you would change if you were in charge of the country. Your ‘many+festo’ will be hailed through a megaphone for all to hear. You can read it out yourself or we can announce it for you.

Open to all people, young and old it have to be too political in the usual sense. It maybe you want Cabbage banned or Sport Free TV or your telling your partner they need to do more washing up!

Many+Festo should have a maximum of 10 points to raise.

To submit your Many+festo for inclusion on the day and to be posted on the blog page of this site (if you wish)

Please either

Cut & Paste into the contact form on this website

OR Email to:  goatmajorprojects@gmail.com with Many+Festo in the subject line.

OR read by hand and photograph, then email to above email.

OR Hand in at box office at Chapter in an envelope label “Many+Festo

OR Bring on the day


The Artcarbootique is an event for all the family so obviously Many+Festos can not contain any material unsuitable for general ears. We are all for free-speech and will be as flexible as we can.